Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Suggestions for your Madrid teaching CV

In case you don't read the comments, Steve from MadridTeacher.com has the following advice regarding resumes for English teachers in Madrid:

"I just had a meetup with a DOS yesterday and we talked about this. He prefers the CVs and he really insists on getting photos on them. He says the biggest problem he has is after the interviews trying to remember who's who. He says with a photo he has no problem, but he says a lot of teachers are recalcitrant about giving their photos because they're worried about unfair discrimination. He says that that is not a problem because if DOSes were going to discriminate, they'd do so in the interview anyway. "

It should be noted that putting a photo on your CV is general practice in Spain -- for any line of work. So if you're planning on seeking other types of jobs in Spain later on, you will need to put a photo on your resume anyway. You might as well do it now...!

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Janice said...

As we're talking about tips for a teacher's CV, I'd like to add a couple of things. A brief and to the point covering mail is what really makes us interested. You need to sum up your qualifications, experience and profile so we become interested in reading your CV. And if you are American with papers PLEASE make this clear so that that you don't get looked over by DOSs assuming that as you are not EU you won't have papers. A couple of lines selling yourself is good as we like positive and assertive teachers.
Moving onto the CV, please be as brief as possible, we'll read this to substantiate what you've said in your covering letter.
Quite frankly I'm more reluctant to open CV attachments if the teacher hasn't made the effort to write a covering mail that grabs my attention.
Janice, Windsor Idiomas