Friday, June 6, 2008

RIP: Kawara Japanese restaurant in Madrid

About three weeks ago I tried going to Kawara for one of my favorite cheap lunchtime menus in Madrid. Unfortunately, the place was closed, and I could see through the half-open shutter that there were builders inside. The Japanese menu and the restaurant's opening times were still taped to the door, so I assumed Kawara would be up and running again soon with a spruced-up interior.

Last night, however, I took a stroll down Calle de la Aduana to check on the progress of my beloved Japanese restaurant... and discovered that it no longer exists! :(

In it's place, there is now what appears to be a Spanish/Mediterranean cafe of sorts. That's what I gathered from the chalkboard menu outside, which listed croquetas and pizza as specials. What a shame! It's not as if Madrid needs another Spanish or Italian restaurant. And we've now lost one of the best sushi places in Madrid for people on a budget.

Kawara was very popular, so I can only assume that it shut down because of the age of the chef and owners (all apparently in their 70s or 80s). It looks like I'll be going to Musashi from now on for my cheap Japanese food in Madrid.

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