Friday, June 13, 2008

More advice on claiming unemployment benefits in Spain

Our faithful reader Barbara has added the following useful information concerning unemployment for teachers in Spain:

"Photocopy all the documents mentioned three times over. You can never have too many copies for Spanish red tape! It totally depends who you get at the INEM office as to whether you have to provide copies or not. Be prepared to look and sound eager to do any reasonable sort of work they might suggest putting on your computerised form - I made myself available for translation work when I spoke about four words of Spanish because the funcionario wanted to put something down. You will get asked this at the interview you have, particularly when you are applying for the first time. Ask around in adult classes - you must have funcionarios in there somewhere, and they are sure to know others in the INEM office. Having a contact in there can shorten the interminable waste-a-morning process considerably!"

Gracias as always, Barbara. I hope you're surviving the heat!

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Barbara said...

My pleasure! Counting the days till I hit rainy Galicia!