Thursday, May 15, 2008

Resources for people who want to move to Spain

Today's a holiday in Spain (the festival of San Isidro), so we're kicking back and enjoying a day off work. That means no major blog entry, but I thought I'd take a moment and point out two important things on the side bar of this blog.

First, The Pain in Spain bookstore: This is a store I've set up on Amazon with books that are helpful for expats in Spain (guides to Spain, Spanish grammar books, etc.) and essential books for the English teacher in Spain. The English Grammar in Use books are fantastic. I used the bilingual version for elementary students and the intermediate version for students of all levels. They are a great resource for concise explanations of English grammar rules, supplemented by examples and exercises. You'll find that many English language academies in Spain have copies of Grammar in Use, but I think it's a good investment for any English teacher (in Spain or elsewhere), particularly as a resource when planning classes.

Secondly, there's a link to the Web site All Things Spain: a site I've developed to answer any and all questions a person might have when moving to Spain. Basically, during my time in Spain, I've had to deal with a range of legal and logistical issues, and I've been continually frustrated by the lack of information available. While my site may not be pretty, it's full of useful information and links to relevant sites. I'll be adding more pages in the future, so if you think of anything that should be included, please let me know.

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Al Fondo said...

Hello, I have been reading your blogs and they are very interesting. You have answered a ton of my questions and I think we have a lot in common as far as our past happenings in Spain. Is there anyway we could chat? I'd like to share my personal story with you and ask your expertise?
please let me know, find me on facebook? jolee danielle cyphert