Sunday, December 2, 2007

A quick Madrid restaurant recommendation

Anybody who is in Madrid or planning to visit should book a table at Le Petit Bistro in Anton Martin. It is without a doubt the best restaurant I’ve been to in Madrid, not just for the quality of the French food but also for the incredibly friendly service. I especially liked the fact that the waiters only spoke French to us, allowing us to brush up on our rusty French skills, while other clients were dealt with in Spanish and English.

We started with a warm goat’s cheese salad with frisee, chopped tomatoes, walnuts, and jamon Serrano, followed by a terrine of duck foie gras with blueberries. The main course was roasted duck’s breast with roasted oranges and wild mushrooms. For dessert, tarte tatin (apple tart) with fresh cream. The dessert was the only part of the meal I didn’t like, perhaps because I’ve grown accustomed to the much sweeter tarta de manzana here in Spain.

It’s not a cheap meal, but well worth it. I highly recommend Le Petit Bistro for anyone who loves French food.


Barbara said...

Aah, but how did this sumptuous fare compare with egg and chips at 11.30 am in a hamlet in Galicia??!!

Jos├ęCarlos said...

I can agree that the service was friendly and the ambiance is very well put together.

Their brunch menu is very good, I think it is about 18 euros per head and i highly recommend it.

Their dinner I did not find particularly amusing as the quality of the food was very mediocore. During both visits the onion soup had very little cheese (and this soup is all about the cheese). My steak in both ocassions had been served cold... I was left unimpressed... and I am very difficult to displease when it comes around to food.